General Information

1. Lifestyle College Education Policy

1.1 Lifestyle College follows an Outcomes Based Education (OBE) process as required by the Department of Education.

1.2 It has the following benefits for students:

    • No stressful written examinations in a classroom situation.
    • All assessments/exams/projects are open book and at your own pace.
    • Assessment/exams/projects are done individually, usually completed at college/home.
    • Home assignments submitted on the following lecture day provide the opportunity of ongoing assessment and constructive feedback. 

2. Assessment Information

2.1 Assessment System – How do our Assessments work?

2.1.1 The assessment/exams/projects are in accordance with the prescribed syllabus in English.  All tuition and assessments/exams/projects are done in English.

2.1.2 An assessment preparation sheet, which tells you everything you need to know, will be signed at the end of each course.

2.1.3 A declaration of authenticity stating that the work is your own needs to be signed at the end of each course.

2.1.4 You will receive an assessment report indicating a rating (%) and clear, comprehensive, constructive feedback after each assessment.

2.1.5 Assessment evaluation forms can be submitted once feedback on assessment has been given.

2.1.6 Assessments/exams/projects take place on set dates. No excuses to miss.

2.2 Rating (%) Assessment of Projects

‘Fulfils all the Requirements’ – Competent

If the assessment report has an overall rating of ‘Fulfils all the Requirements’ (50-100%) you are deemed to be competent to proceed to the next learning level.

Not yet competent

0 – 49% Not successful in completing the course.

2.3 Confidentiality

All assessment/exams/projects results are confidential.

2.4 Moderation

A moderator’s report will be completed once all the course assessments/exams/projects have been moderated, ensuring that the assessor has not deviated from the assessment guide.

100% of the course assessment projects are moderated.

The moderator will adjust marks accordingly and the moderator’s decision is final.

2.5 Student Rights

You have the right to appeal the results of any assessments/exams/projects (Appeal Form is available from the office).

2.6 Assessment Feedback

As the feedback should be impartial, positive and constructive it should be viewed as an additional learning experience rather than criticism.

Verbal feedback from assessor’s is often used as a way of assessing.

2.7 Assignments/exams/projects (Homework/Projects/Assessment Projects)

The facilitator will give you full details of what is required for assignments. A detailed assessment checklist is provided.

All assessments/exams/projects are marked as a percentage or rating.

3. Changes to Dates of Courses

Lifestyle College reserves the right to cancel or change course dates on short notice due to enrolment numbers, holidays or any other unforeseen circumstances.

4. Course Evaluations

Course evaluation forms are randomly issued on completion of a course. This is used to assess the facilitator and the course in general. This feedback can be anonymous and is confidential. 

5. College Lecture Hours or as discussed with Facilitator

Lectures        09h00 to 16h00 (unless otherwise specified)

Break             10h30 to 10h50 (unless otherwise specified)

Break             12h30 to 13h30 (unless otherwise specified)

Lecture rooms at the College are locked when facilitators are not in them.

6. Student Number

Please use your student number when corresponding with the College. Student numbers will be issued to you.

7. Lecture rooms

Our lecture rooms are cold please dress warmly.

8. Tea Area

An area is set aside for learners to eat their refreshments.

Rules and Regulations

Comments from the Principal

We aim to have fun during the courses within the guidelines of the Rules and Regulations.

Please note that the Rules and Regulations are there for your and the College’s benefit.

We have an open-door policy with our students so please chat to us if you have any problems or queries. We are here to help you.

Enjoy your experience with us. 

1. Register

Please clock in every morning on the clocking machine.

Not clocking in will be considered as absent for that day/s.

2. Latecomers

All courses start at 09h00.

Lecture room doors are locked at 09h00 and no latecomers will be permitted entry. This is to ensure that fellow students and lecturers can focus without interruption. We understand that issues arise, however, this policy is strictly adhered to.

Latecomers can enter after tea-time but are requested not to disturb fellow students or facilitator by asking for information that was missed.

Excessive late coming will result in disciplinary action being taken.

Arriving after 10h30 is considered as absent. 

3. Non-Attendance

Students need to ask fellow students for assistance regarding homework or information that they have missed.

4. Equipment

Lifestyle College, unfortunately, does not loan any equipment to students who may have left equipment at home or whose equipment is missing.

5. Assessments/exams/projects Due Dates

Assessment/exams/projects dates are to be adhered to, without exception. No extensions will be given under any circumstances.

6. Practical’s/Outings/Tutorials/Work Experience/Studio Work

All of the above are compulsory.

7. Cell Phones

Cell phones are to be switched off during lectures.  Use of electronic equipment during lectures is for research purposes only.

Please show respect for the facilitator and your fellow students by not texting or talking on your cell phone during lectures.

8. Dress Code

Lifestyle College doesn’t prescribe a dress code, but clothes need to be of an acceptable standard and not be offensive to others.

9. Exiting of Lecture Room

Please do not exit lecture room during lecture time unless in extreme emergency as this becomes disruptive to all.

10. Talking During Lectures

Talking to other students when a facilitator is giving a lecture is strictly prohibited.

Please show respect for the facilitator and your fellow students.

11. Food and Drink

No food or drink is permitted in the lecture rooms as spillages occur and can damage your or fellow students work.

Closed water bottles are allowed.

12. Break Times

Breaks are discussed, please return to class on time as doors are locked. Lecture room doors are locked during breaks.

13. Principal

The principal will, when the need occurs, have a discussion with students who are underperforming.

The principal is part-time and can, at a student’s request, be contacted telephonically by the office manager.

Email address is

14. College Property or Equipment

Tampering with any of Lifestyle College property or equipment is not allowed. Our equipment is expensive and specially set up to ensure a good quality of lecturing.

Air-conditioners cannot be adjusted by students. Our lecture rooms are cold, please dress accordingly.

15. Theft

Any incidences of theft will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee.  Students found guilty of theft will be expelled.

A private security company will deal with all matters of theft and liaise with the South African Police Services in terms of prosecution.

16. Behavior

Any behaviour which is considered abusive/offensive or violent will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee.

Lifestyle College reserves the right to use private security companies.

Behaviour that disrupts the College business or infringes on the rights of others will be dealt with by our private security company.

17. Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying 

Lifestyle College is committed to a safe and civil educational environment for all students and employees, free from harassment, intimidation or bullying.

A bullying policy is available on request from the office.

18. Disciplinary Procedures

The Disciplinary Committee’s duty is to facilitate issues that Lifestyle College may have with any students on any level.

The Committee comprises of Principal, Facilitator and Office Manager.

Decisions made by the Disciplinary Committee are final.

The student may attend the disciplinary hearing at his/her own expense.

In severe or repeat offences the student may be suspended or expelled, and full payment will still be due. Suspended students will not be allowed on Lifestyle College property.

Parents of students under 21 years of age will be notified of disciplinary measures taken by Lifestyle College.

Please note that the College/Lifestyle is under constant CCTV surveillance which can be used in disciplinary procedures.

Lifestyle College reserves the right to outsource security to private company.

19. Disciplinary Measures

Disciplinary measures will be taken for:

Contravening rules and regulations.

Disturbance or misconduct during lectures or on Lifestyle College property.

Any irregularity in the assessment projects.


Disciplinary measures will be taken if a student brings or shows signs of using the following contraband or dangerous weapons onto Lifestyle College property:

Any object that may cause bodily harm such as guns, knives, etc.

Any illegal substances such as drugs and/or alcohol.

20. Disciplinary Code

20.1 Offence Type 1

    • Non-attendance – minimum attendance required as set out for each qualification.
    • Cellphones – not to be used during teaching sessions.
    • Removing name tags from lecture rooms.
    • Bad attitude towards peers / fellow students / Lifestyle College staff.
    • Language found to be offensive (1 warning then offence 3).
    • Dress code not up to standard (1 warning then offence 3).
    • Leaving equipment/notebooks/sketch pads, etc. at home.
    • Not parking in designated area.

20.1.1 Disciplinary Action

Verbal/written warning – one warning given before it becomes Type 2 Offence.

20.2 Offence Type 2

Regular breaches of Offence Type 1.

    • Tardy timekeeping (more than 3 times during qualification).
    • Homework not submitted.
    • Non-performance.
    • Leaving/entering lecture room.
    • Food and drink in lecture room.

20.2.1 Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary committee

20.3 Offence Type 3

Regular breaches of Offence Type 2.

    • Not signing register in and out – indicate arrival and departure.
    • Assessment due dates missed.
    • Not authentic work/plagiarism.
    • Interfering with/adjusting Lifestyle College property/equipment.
    • Harassment, intimidation and bullying.
    • Offensive dress code.
    • Talking during lectures.
    • Theft.
    • Drugs/Alcohol.
    • Offensive language/actions.
    • Weapons (guns, knives, etc.)
    • Defacing college property.

20.3.1 Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary committee.

Termination of attendance at Lifestyle College.


  • College is used by lots of students please always leave it neat and tidy.
  • Make yourself aware of safety and security measures of the College.
  • Ensure boards used by facilitators are clean at the end of the lecture.
  • Please ensure that your lecture room door is locked by your lecturer during breaks.
  • Make sure you are aware of the evacuation plan provided.
  • Check Emergency plan in case of accident or injuries.

Please remember we have an open-door policy and appreciate open and honest feedback.

At any time discuss your concerns with your facilitator.

Have fun!

Richard Gibb


Lifestyle College