The Importance of a Design

The Importance of a Design

Rowan de Vos

6 August 2020

4 Reasons Why You Need the Right Design for Your Garden 

If you are anything like us, being locked up at home for this long, during the national lockdown and Covid pandemic, has really inspired the handyman in all of us to emerge. Suddenly we are wanting to change around the living room, or bash down that wall to open up the kitchen and living space. Or even something as simple as fixing that leak in the bathroom that has gone on for a little longer than you would like to admit. 

Most people have turned to their gardens during this time, and looked at it with fresh eyes. In fact, many celebrities and influencers turned their attention to their gardens during lockdown to give it a fresh new look. 

Let’s face it, there is nothing more satisfying than sprucing up that gorgeous outdoor area and transforming into a great, liveable space

If you have been inspired to do the same, but, like most of us, have no idea where to start, we thought we would give you a guiding hand. 

We took a look at why you should have a solid plan and idea in place before you start getting your hands dirty. Literally. 

It Establishes a Pre-Set Idea

Take some time to really take in the garden and the space you have to play with. It will really depend on the size and layout, what you can do with it. Consider your lifestyle too. Are you someone who loves having people over, and entertaining? Do you have a young family? Do you have pets? 

Consider what you want to achieve with the space before hitting the shops and buying out the garden department. If you want to create a boma area, for example, and a firepit to spend evenings sitting around, you will need to have the right materials to build it. 

If there is place for a pool or water feature, you will be able to build up the rest of the garden around that. 

Make sure you have that idea first!

It Allows You to Plan Before Starting a Project

Every single project needs to be well planned out and well thought out before being embarked on. You will need include the following in your plans:

  • What is your budget?
  • How much time do you want to spend transforming your garden?
  • What are your end objectives?
  • What risks will you be facing?
  • Who are the contractors and designers that will be helping you?
  • What resources and materials will you need?

With all of this coming together, you can map out exactly how you will be going about the project. You can even go as far as to break down everything into manageable tasks that you can create timeframes for to achieve. It just makes it easier to achieve your dream garden with a detailed plan. 

Design Eliminates Any Issues Before Breaking Ground

As we just mentioned, any project can run into a number of challenges and issues at any point. Budget can run out at any stage, you could be denied the permits you need to build, or one of the elements could simply not work in the space. 

Having a clear design, with precise measurements and realistic designs, you will be able to have a birds eye view on exactly what the space should look like at the completion of the project. The designer will also be able to advise you what you can and cannot achieve in your space. Perhaps you do not have the right space for your elaborate entertainment idea. Or perhaps the soil isn’t conducive to the  planting scheme.  

This can be all established and gotten out of the way before you just dive in and start spending money on something that just wouldn’t work out. 

All Parties Will Be on the Same Page During the Process

We cannot stress this enough. 

The client, designer and contractor will all need to have clear briefs and details going into the project. This eliminates any “broken telephone” and miscommunication during the process. Let’s face it, it is because of this lack of communication and agreement that so many professional relationships land up badly. 

Having a well-thought out design, that is agreed upon by all parties will ensure a smooth process, a completed project, and a very happy client. Not only will all costs be agreed to, but timeframes can be effectively agreed upon, and communicated. 

Any changes can also be communicated and discussed throughout the process.

Last Thoughts

Having a garden that reflects your personality and lifestyle can absolutely transform your living space.

You could find yourself spending more time outdoors, in the company of friends and family, doing the simple things that make life worthwhile. The right garden will certainly make this achievable, and with the right designer by your side, this can become a reality sooner than you know!