Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the Part-time, online, correspondence courses accredited?

No, these courses are not accredited and are purely to improve your own knowledge within the landscaping industry.

2. Is the Full-time Landscape Design Course Accredited?

At this stage, no. We are working with our Industry representation body SAGIC and AgriSeta on the level 4 and 5 qualification in Landscape Design.

3. How long have you been training Landscape Designers?

We have been training designers for 28 years.

4. Is Lifestyle College recognised in the Industry?

Lifestyle College is affiliated or a member of all the professional bodies in the Industry. Many companies in the Landscaping Industry will only employ Lifestyle College students.

5. What can I do once I have this qualification?

You can do several things:

  • Become a landscape designer and work for yourself or a company
  • Become a landscape installer and work for yourself or a company
  • Work on a golf course, City Council Parks, Business Park, Community Garden, Botanical Gardens, Private garden, etc.
  • Use the course as credits to study further in the field of Landscape Architecture at a University.
  • Use it to study further in Horticulture at a University.

6. Will I get exposure to the Industry?

  • We take our students out on outings to meet key role players and to mingle with growers, suppliers, and potential employers.
  • One of these days is the South African Nurserymen Association Day (SANA Day) that has loads of suppliers of landscaping products all under the one roof from throughout the country.
  • We also mix with Architectural students at the University of Johannesburg with a one-day exchange programme.
  • Being located at one of the biggest Garden centre in the Southern Hemisphere you always get exposure to suppliers who visit Lifestyle and some suppliers even provide tools and equipment for our students as they start their journey as a landscape designer.

7. Can I pay the full-time course off monthly?

The full-time course has a deposit fee and then easy monthly payment plan.

8. Are my lecturers qualified?

Every lecturer has the following qualifications:

  • Qualified facilitator
  • Qualified assessor
  • Qualified in their field of expertise

Our lecturers are the cream of the crop and have been teaching for many years. They all still run their own businesses and therefore are up to date with new trends and current information.

Many are TV, radio or podcast personalities.

9. Do we offer bursaries?

We, unfortunately, do not offer any bursaries.

10. Do we offer accommodation?

We, unfortunately, do not offer accommodation but there is lots of accommodation around Lifestyle Home Garden and a quick Google search will give you various options.

11. How do I know I will get quality education?

We are happy to allow you to talk to our existing students and hear first-hand their experience of Lifestyle College.

12. When the qualification for the full-time course in Landscape is registered can I get a qualification?

Yes. You will submit all your work and go through a process called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and if everything is in order you will obtain your qualification.